Monday, September 30, 2013

Do PWDs Accompanied by Service Dogs Need Permission From Other Passengers?

Recently the NYTs published an article about Service Dogs. I want to clarify some main points.

 1. The managing entity has no legal obligation to consider the rights of other residents who do not have a disability.

 2. Allergies and fear of dogs are not legally recognized disabilities and as such, these are not legitimate legal reasons to keep dogs out of a building and to limit access of dogs to keep them out of elevators.

 3. There was so much bias against dogs, I got harassed publicly and profanely by others repeatedly. One man pushed me because I wouldn't remove my dog from the elevator.

 4. This is a good article with the exception that it kept referring to service animals as pets. Legally, they are not pets. In fact in boarding a bus, a library, a pharmacy, a trick question to deny your service dog's access is "Is that your pet?" Answer yes, and it's no pets allowed. Service dogs are not pets. a truer indication of if your dog fits in and is a good service animal. The issue is training.No fighting, soiling, jumping, interacting with anyone while on task, and you pick up after them.

 5. People who are allergic to dogs are exposed in their daily lives to dander from people who have dogs.Then there are people like me who gag from the odor of some perfumes, yet I have to suck it up in enclosed spaces.There are people with chemical sensitivities for whom some scents and chemicals are life-threatening. As far as I'm concerned,when buildings ban the use of perfumes and other scented products,then an ethical case might be made for not permitting service dogs or emotional support dogs.Federal law (ADA) has regulations that state that allergies to dogs is not a reason to deny access to service dogs.

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