Monday, September 23, 2013

Abuse Of People With Disabilities Not Taken Seriously

The video above is terrifying. I don't have a video of what happened to me on the Park St elevator, but here are a couple of still shots. Of course, this is not to claim that what was done to me is as bad as what happened to those in the video above, but it is to demonstrate that sadistic behavior is alive and well on the MBTA, and that the mBTA does not take it seriously, and neither do the MA Courts. In some states battery of disabled folks is taken seriously, and here the manager was charged. However,here in MA the woman who struck me repetedly until I collapsed in the Park St elevator was NOT charged, even though she admitted doing it. The MBTA police claimed she had a right to self defence because I was accompianied by a trained service dog. She claimed that a group of people who gatehered to taunt and harrass me as I lay on the floor calling for medical assistance were "helping her." Yep! That's me on the floor being taunted and harrassed by other MBTA Riders. .

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